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What we do

We exist to help you grow your business by reimagining your customers' experiences.

You already know that buyers have changed. Their expectations have changed. They no longer compare you to just your direct competitor down the street but wonder why you too don’t have 1-click buy button like Amazon or an amazing customer service like Zappos and they’re checking you out on Yelp before you ever get a chance to talk to them (…and let them know what really happened that one time). It’s different now.

That’s why we specialize in helping entrepreneurs and business owners strategically innovate their businesses to drive new revenue by reimagining customer experiences that turn prospects into life-long customers and avid advocates through our signature program “Superfan Machine Blueprint”. 

We offer online training and coaching, live workshops, and private client consulting.

What is Customer Experience, Anyways?


Many people mistakenly think of customer experience as customer service. Although customer service is a part of an overall experience, customer experience (or CX for short) is much more than that.

Just to illustrate with a few examples…CX encompasses how well your products or services meet customer needs; how easy it is to engage with your brand; your brand’s identity and values; a smell in the lobby of your building; attitudes of your employees, how easy or difficult it is to find parking, the design, and ease of use of your website…

So basically, everything.

Unhappy customers who complain
Non-complainers who churn

The biggest gift you can give your competitors is to provide poor experience to your customers.

The SuperFan Machine Book

How to turn your prospects into lifelong clients and avid advocates through customer experience innovation




More Loyalty

Better CX contributes to more sales from existing customers, and higher customer lifetime value.

More Profit

Better CX leads to more profit through higher sales, lower churn, and lower cost of client acquisition.

More Referrals

Better CX drives new sales as customers are more likely to refer people they care about to your company.

More Growth

Better CX is your unfair advantage to make your competitors obsolete and grab your fair share of the marketplace.

Our Signature Program - SuperFan Machine Blueprint

Grow Your Business With CX Innovation

When you're ready, there are 3 ways you can leverage our signature program "SuperFan Machine Blueprint" and use our systematized approach to customer experience innovation to drive new revenue, get more referrals, and grow your business without spending a fortune on advertising.

Live Events

Attend an in-person and virtual presentations, workshops, and our signature three day 'SuperFan Machine Live' conference.

Online Training

Join 'SuperFan Machine Blueprint' online program and redesign your business on your own terms with step-by-step guidance on how to turn your prospects into lifelong clients and avid advocates.

VIP Intensive

Work with us one-one and receive a personalized advice on how to grow your business with CX Innovation. By application only.

Gorana Angert

Founder. Author. Better Business Designer.

Gorana is the founder and principle consultant at CXO Crew.

Before founding CXO Crew, Gorana spent over two decades delivering solutions for Fortune 500 companies, like AIG, Comcast, The Hartford, and Cigna – just to name a few, as an engineer, project, program, and portfolio manager.

Over the years, she has held number of industry certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, ITIL and Project Management Institute. She also holds a certification in strategic intervention.

Gorana is a best-selling co-author of Succeeding Against All Odds, and creator of SuperFan Machine – How To Turn Prospects   Into Lifelong Clients and Avid Advocates.

What I Bring
  • Strategy + Focus
  • Systems + Design Thinking
  • Strategic Intervention Tools
  • Deep Technology Knowledge
  • Immersive Experiences

I believe that we are all responsible for our experiences and the experiences of those around us.  


Our mission is to use strategic innovation and experience design to move humanity toward expressing more kindness and care for each other in our increasingly digitized world.

~ Gorana Angert

The SuperFan Machine Book

How to turn your prospects into lifelong clients and avid advocates through customer experience innovation


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