Wanna take your business to the movies?

What we do

We exist to make your business (and you) famous.

We help experts, thought leaders, and changemakers – just like you – produce business documentaries to bring what you do to wider audiences and create blockbuster results in your business. Our films tell compelling stories of your clients’ transformations that reach more people and help you impact more lives with your expertise. We even pitch to Netflix for you. (You’re welcome! 😉 )

As our production schedule allows, we love to do virtual retreats, live events, and VIP engagements and teach forward-thinking business owners and entrepreneurs how to think like film directors to bring their own programs to life while boosting the bottom line through our signature Directing Success™ Business Breakthrough Program.

What is a business documentary, anyways?

A business documentary is a feature-length film about your client’s transformation.

Many people think promoting their businesses is all about…well, the businesses. And it’s true. There are a time and a place for brand stories, commercials, infomercials, sales videos, how-to videos, testimonials, etc…That’s not what we do.

We believe that a more powerful way to share and promote what you do is to share a story of a client’s hero’s journey as they go through the process of working with you.  And because of an emotional power of visual medium like film, we seek stories that have a potential to bring awareness to current issues, bring solutions and create greater impact in the world…leave a legacy.

Once produced we distribute your business documentary to video on demand platforms including pitching it to subscription-based platforms like Netflix and Hulu for maximum exposure and reach possible.




More Reach

#BizDocs are distributed to 11+ different platforms for the biggest reach, including pitching to Netflix and Hulu.

More Business Clarity

#BizDocs help your potential clients self-select to seek your help by seeing your clients journey and your solution in action.

More Visibility & Celebrity

#BizDocs position you as the go-to expert beyond having just a best-selling book (or two).

More Impact

#BizDocs allow your audience to rally behind you, fuel your movement and help you make the biggest impact you can with your own work.



We’re looking for 10 thought leaders, change-makers, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs to star in our 2019 business documentaries.

Specifically, we’re looking for experts who want to take their work and message to the wider audience and whose work can create a positive impact on the world at large.

If that sounds like you, click on the button “I’ve got a story”, fill out a friendly expert casting questionnaire and we’ll take it from there. We are accepting submissions for 2019 through 12/31/2018.

Gorana Angert


Gorana is the founder and president at CXO Crew and CXO Crew Films.

Gorana is a multitalented writer, director, and producer. Her most notable contribution to the film is a proprietary structure for business documentaries that combines business promotion with creating awareness and movement around solving bigger social issues facing us today. Her latest film “The Heart Experience” explores issues facing homeless youth in Los Angeles (her adopted hometown) and features the transformative work of The LOVE Foundation. It’s set for release in Fall 2018.

Gorana is a best-selling co-author of Succeeding Against All Odds, and creator of Directing Success™ Business Breakthrough Program helping experts, thought-leaders, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs to think like film directors to bring their programs to life and create blockbuster results for their businesses.

Gorana regularly speaks on the topic of using client stories and narrative arc of the client’s transformation to boost business results. You can submit speaking inquiry here.

What I Bring
  • Leveraging Client Stories
  • Strategy + Focus
  • Systems + Design Thinking
  • Strategic Intervention Tools
  • Immersive Experiences

Directing Success™ Business Breakthrough Program

Not ready for the big screen, yet?

If you're thinking to yourself 'it would be so cool to star in a documentary' but you don't feel quite ready for the big screen just yet, no worries.

You can always give your business a boost by leveraging our signature Directing Success™ Business Breakthrough Program, where we teach experts, thought leaders and change makers how to think like film directors to bring their own programs to life and create blockbuster results in their businesses.

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I believe that we are all responsible for our experiences and the experiences of those around us.  


Our mission is to use film medium to move humanity toward expressing more kindness and care for each other in our increasingly digitized world.

~ Gorana Angert