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Finding yourself on this page can only mean one of two things…

You’ve either visited our website or seen one of our virtual or in-person presentations and found the topic of using client success stories to create blockbuster business results intriguing (that’s what I hear most often!)…


It’s kismet and Google wanted us to meet for some other divine reason!

Either way, I have a special treat for you… It’s an opportunity to have a private one-on-one Strategy Session with me at no cost.

My objective for this session is to help you get more clarity on how to maximize opportunities from clients and resources you already have, monetize your client success stories and start directing your business success in a more strategic way.

This Strategy Session is worth $500 and it’s yours free. However, there’s a catch. You need to qualify.

Because I only offer a very limited number of these sessions every month (like 2-3 tops), they are available by application only to qualified entrepreneurs and business owners. After doing a lot of these sessions, I’ve found them to be a lot more impactful – and a lot more fun – when the fit is right. Let’s see if you’re the right fit!

You qualify for a free Strategy Session if :

  • You have a specific income goal for this year and you’re serious about reaching it.
  • You do great work but you don’t get as many renewals or referrals as you think you should.
  • You want to get more clients without spending a fortune on marketing and advertising.
  • You want to charge more for your services.
  • You want to stand out in your market.
  • When you see you have a skill gap standing in your way, you invest in getting help.
  • You’ll honor this gift, and if you qualify, you commit to following through by scheduling your session and showing up for the appointment.

How it works…


Apply for a free Strategy Session

Apply for a free Strategy Session by clicking on the "apply" button below and filling out a brief application. Your application will be reviewed in the order in which it was received and if you qualify you will receive an email confirmation within 48hrs with a link to my automated scheduling tool to schedule your session.

Schedule your session

Use the link you receive and make sure to schedule your session within 3 days of receiving the link. If you fail to do so within 3 days, you forfeit your session.

I know you’re serious about growing your business, so press the APPLY button and let’s get started! This is the game changer you’ve been looking for. Also, don’t be discouraged by the small number of available sessions*. If this is the boost your businesses needs – make sure your application is in the queue by pressing the APPLY button below.

To your success,

* Every once in awhile a business owner doesn’t show up for his or her session, in which case I make it available to the next person on the list, so make sure you apply.


filmmaker + business strategist

Gorana Daeu Angert

“I love to strategize with coaches, experts, and service-based businesses on how to maximize opportunities from clients and resources they already have, monetize client success stories and start directing business success in a more strategic way.”

Gorana AngertFounder, CXO Crew International LLC, DSTV Business TV Network, daeuArt Gallery, Author, Directing Success Method®, Profitable Testimonials Blueprint®, Profitable Documentaries Blueprint®

Apply today for a Free Strategy Session. 
(A $500 value.)

A limited number of sessions available.