But, what do you want while you’re delivering way more value than your client has paid for?

Do you want to…


...raise your rates?

but you're afraid the market won't pay...

...Have your clients renew and send you referrals?

but you feel weird asking...

...Crush it in the marketplace?

but it's hard to cut through all the noise...

Did you find yourself nodding yes to any of these? Let me show you the “Directing Success Method®”. I think you’re going to love it.


Write & Direct Your Client Success Stories.

think like a filmmaker and use storytelling to design engaging programs, services and experiences for your clients to ensure their successes. And yours.


Directing Success Method®

Directing Success Method® is based on the same storytelling structure writers and film directors use to create blockbuster movies except it’s for creating immersive and engaging client experience in your business so your clients not only get great results from working with you but also keep coming back and referring you like crazy.

Just like filmmaking is a business and box office results matter (a lot!), you have a business to run and your results matter, too. That’s why Directing Success Method® is designed to give you a mindset, approach, and tools to help you delight your clients in every interaction and also be more strategic and intentional in your actions so you can grow your business and direct your success (pun intended!) at the same time.

Many coaches, experts, and business owners go through business (and life) on autopilot, leaving their success (and happiness) to chance. Is that you? Are you leaving money (and impact) on the table?



Seamlessly connecting client engagement with marketing

Working with Gorana on my six months online group program has been a game-changer.

Mary Sheila Smith GonnellaNutrition Consultant, Founder Occidental Nutrition
VIP Engagements & done for you services. By application only.
Intimate, boardroom style 3-day event where we help you design client engagement, turn your clients into your best salespeople, and boost sales with client success stories. Limit 10 per event. By application only.

Want to get something done right? You get Gorana in front of a whiteboard and give her some markers! Thank you thank you for all your help with laying out my 12 weeks video course with your "Directing Success" framework! I feel organized, intentional, and ready for showtime! So lucky to have you in my life!

Paula RizzoAuthor, Speaker, Media Strategist, Emmy Award Winning TV Producer | paularizzo.com

Is Directing Success Method for me?

Based on our experience we know that our clients are more successful – and our work a lot more fun – when the fit is right.

Directing Success Method™ is for coaches, experts & thought leaders who care deeply about the impact they are making in their clients’ lives, but also want to be more strategic, intentional, and deliberate in a way they get more clients, make more sales and make a greater impact without pushing so hard or spending a fortune on advertising.

I am just starting out. Will it work for me, too?

Yes! We love to work with coaches, experts, and thought leaders who are just starting out or launching new programs because that gives us an opportunity to help them design an engaging client experience and direct success from the start.

As long as you can articulate the process that you take your clients through to get the transformation and results you promised AND you have a fairly good idea who your ideal clients are you can successfully apply Directing Success Method™ to create blockbuster results for your business.

I'm loving this! How do I get started?

Awesome! We can’t wait to help you! The best way to get started is to request a free Strategy Session. It’s $500 value, yours free. You’ll walk away with more clarity on how to maximize opportunities from clients and resources you already have, monetize your client success stories and start directing your business success in a more strategic way. We can also discuss which program is the best for you at this stage of your business journey. Apply here.

filmmaker + business strategist

Gorana Daeu Angert

“Directing Success Method® is a step-by-step system for bringing your programs & services to life. It's about balancing competing priorities of exceeding your clients' expectations and the need of a business to be profitable and sustainable in a very intentional and strategic way. It's about not leaving your success to chance.”

Gorana AngertFounder, CXO Crew International LLC and Author, Directing Success Method®