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Start streaming on 11-11-19

Be on DSTV

Get featured on DSTV original shows and expand your reach, find new audiences, and build authority in your market.

DSTV is casting a new docu-series, Directing Success Experience.

Are you a business owner always on feast-or-famine rollercoaster? We are looking for solopreneurs and service-based business owners willing to undergo a business makeover to create more predictable, reliable, and consistant business results.

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Do you want to unabashedly share your street cred?

Are you an accomplished, successful business owner or entrepreneur who is making a difference in the world with your work? We want to feature you, your story to success, and  wisdom you acquired along the way on Season 2 of the #StreetCredShow.

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Do you want to be a featured expert on Get It Done™ show?

Casting Now! Business experts wanted to star in a new docu-series to help solopreneurs, business owners, and entrepreneurs get stuff done.

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