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filmmaker. DSTV network founder. branded entertainment strategist. visual artist. speaker.

I am often asked, can you just pick one thing to be your thing? The answer is, no, I can't.

Gorana Daeu AngertFounder, CXO Crew International, DSTV Business TV Network, daeuArt Gallery

The truth is…I’m loving being strategic and tactical. Creative and analytical. Freestyling one minute and going off the cliff meta the next.  So no. I’m enjoying blending these together way too much, zooming in and out as needed to create amazing results for my fans, TV subscribers, clients, partners, sponsors and advertisers.

My favorite thing to do, though,  is to make movies and to develop new shows and branded content for my clients and my DSTV Business TV Network, now streaming on Roku and Amazon Fire TV and coming very soon to Apple TV and mobile platforms.

DSTV Business is a premier TV channel for global business leaders who want to do business better, featuring original programming covering innovation, technology, and business growth.
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Coming Soon to DSTV...


Get It Done

Top business experts share their tips to get stuff done and do business better.


Directing Success Experience

Mini-course on how to strategically design services to increase market share, lower costs, and become more profitable.


Around The Corner

a docu-series exploring the impact of emerging tech on the business including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 3D printing, and others.



a documentary about legendary filmmaker Max Ophuls

what i do

Branded Entertainment & Monetization Consulting

Want to add branded entertainment content into your marketing strategy to connect with your audience in a unique and enaging way…and make more money?

Maybe you can showcase your mad skills or the amazing transformations your clients experience by working with you in a talk show, docu-series or a reality tv show? I help you develop your show in a way that brings you more authority and opportunities for business growth.

We can even feature you on DSTV Business!

what i do

daeuArt Originals

original abstract art inspired by concepts and ideas shared by the guests featured on DSTV.

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official bio

Gorana is a multi-talented filmmaker, branded entertainment strategist, visual artist, and the founder and President of CXO Crew International LLC, a strategic innovation and experience design studio; Max+Me Films, a production company; and DSTV Business TV Network, a distribution platform.

Gorana brings unique and difficult to find a combination of skills, knowledge, and experience that seamlessly blends strategy, experience design, and cinematic expression.

Her most notable contribution to the film industry is a story structure for branded documentaries that combine business promotion with creating awareness and movement around solving bigger social issues facing us today.

She’s also a  host of a number of different shows airing now on DSTV Business, a bestselling co-author of Succeeding Against All Odds and certified strategic intervention coach.

Before starting her companies, Gorana was a consultant for some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies, including Comcast, Cigna, and AIG just to name a few.

Gorana spends her time between New York City, Los Angeles, and Orlando. When she’s not working with clients, filming or thinking up ideas for shows and new monetization strategies, she enjoys brazilian jiu-jitsu practice and turning topics from her interviews into oil paintings.


Gorana regularly speaks on the topic of  branded entrtainment and using the narrative arc of the client’s transformation to boost business results including:

  • Branded Entertainment Content Development
  • Monetizing Branded Entertainment
  • Monetizing Client Success Stories

work with me

From developing and hosting TV shows, to VIP consulting to workshops to speaking engagements… I’ve realized that my client relationships and the resulting outcomes are more successful—and a lot more fun—when the fit is right. Schedule a complimentary intro call to find out how we can best work together.



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