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writer. director. business strategist.

My favorite thing to do is to make movies. My next favorite thing is to strategize with coaches, experts, and service-based businesses on how to use storytelling to design their programs and services in a way that ensures client success. Then tell those clients’ success stories to the world so they inspire even more ideal clients to work with them. All with one purpose in mind…create blockbuster sales results in their businesses.


Use storytelling to design engaging programs and services to ensure client success with Directing Success Method®

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Are you tired of all the chasing…and convincing…and price justifying (you’re totally worth it, btw),…and overcoming objections just to make a sale? Why not sit back, relax, and let your happy clients do all the selling for you?

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Want to get something done right? You get Gorana in front of a whiteboard and give her some markers! Thank you thank you for all your help with laying out my 12 weeks video course with your "Directing Success" framework! I feel organized, intentional, and ready for showtime! So lucky to have you in my life!

Paula RizzoAuthor, Speaker, Media Strategist, Emmy Award Winning TV Producer | paularizzo.com

Working with Gorana on my six months online group program has been a game-changer.

Mary Sheila Smith GonnellaNutrition Consultant and Practitioner | occidentalnutrition.com

official bio

Gorana is a multi-talented writer, director, business strategist, and President of CXO Crew International LLC and Max+Me Films.

Gorana brings unique and difficult to find the combination of skills, knowledge, and experience that seamlessly blends strategy, experience design, and cinematic expression.

Gorana now helps coaches, experts, and service-based businesses monetize their client success stories, they worked so hard for, through her proprietary programs: Directing Success Method™, Profitable Testimonials Blueprint™ and Profitable Documentaries Blueprint™.

Her most notable contribution to film is a story structure for business documentaries that combines business promotion with creating awareness and movement around solving bigger social issues facing us today.

She’s also a  host of #StreetCredShow, available on iTunes, a bestselling co-author of Succeeding Against All Odds and certified strategic intervention coach.

Before starting CXO Crew, Gorana was a consultant for a number of the biggest Fortune 500 companies.


Gorana regularly speaks on the topic of using client stories and narrative arc of the client’s transformation to boost business results including:

  • Reimagining Client Experiences
  • Monetizing Client Success Stories
  • Strategic Stakeholder Engagement

work with me

From VIP consulting to workshops to speaking engagements… I’ve realized that my client relationships and the resulting outcomes are more successful—and a lot more fun—when the fit is right. Schedule a complimentary call to find out how we can best work together.



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